Tips for Umpires


  • Keep up to date with rules and rule interpretations. Have you read / understood the Rule Book?
  • Request a mentor to watch you every few weeks for tips and advice.
  • Maintain accreditation / attend umpiring courses.


  • Be as fit as the players / warm up.
  • Wear appropriate uniform.
  • Arrive on time for the start of your match.

Umpiring Skills

  • Blow your whistle loudly and assertively.
  • Ensure that you are always in a position to see.
  • Do not alter your initial umpiring decision – even if you realise it was wrong.
  • Do not “make up” for an incorrect decision.
  • You will make mistakes – so do AA umpires. Accept it and move on.


  • Be CONFIDENT with your decisions

Grievance Procedures


  • Ask for an Umpire Mentor assistance or KDNA official if you are having difficulties.
  • Never mediate arguments without a KDNA official being present.
  • Be aware of your rights with players and parents as per the Codes of Conduct.
  • Do not be afraid to warn players & follow up with advanced penalty / ask to leave the court.