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With over 20 years of experience within the healthcare space of Australia, Ninety Mile Consulting is well positioned to develop and garner a meaningful stattegy for your firm.

Evolving Health Care Through Strategic Development

Ninety Mile Consulting (NMC) is a management consulting firm that specialises in providing support to healthcare operators across regional Victoria to help solve their current challenges, respond to the fast evolving external environment, plan for the future, and implement mitigation strategies for projected future challenges.

As management consultants with deep expertise and experience across the healthcare sector, we understand the ever-changing challenges, accounting for both the internal organisation and external/environmental factors. Our support ensures business improvement and optimal positioning to meet the needs of their community through high-quality care.

NMC’s past projects include hospital strategy development, strategy implementation, culture mergers and acquisitions, and facilitation of document approvals in line with Department of Health mandates. At the core of our work is the importance of community values and culture. We make impactful change, bringing leading consulting methodologies and subject matter expertise to our client organisations such as our evidence-based stakeholder management framework, three-phased methodology, and industry-leading quality management systems.

As  we are heavily involved across the regional community, NMC appreciates the needs of each individual organisation, garnering a strong understanding of the unique challenges facing each healthcare operator.

We apply a change impact and management factor, that accounts for people solutions, and logistics in processes and technology transformations. Through our evidence-based approach, we develop solutions that are practical and implementable to ensure strong impact for both the organisation, and their community.

NMC’s Key Services within the Healthcare Sector

Strategic Planning

Sreategic Planning for the future of healthcare organisations through reviewing, refocusing and developing goals, objectives and success metrics.

Strategy Implementation

Sreategy implementation through the development of clear road maps and KPIs to ensure that developed strategies come to life by making an impact and seeing results.

Clinical Service Planning

Development of services roadmap, that is aligned to the organisation’s strategic direction to meet the future needs of the community whilst identifying the dependancies and enablers.

Performance Optimisation

Review and optimisation through analysing the current and design of a future state across the elements of people, processes and technology to increase efficiency and productivity.

Workforce Strategies

Workforce Strategies through identifying techniques to become and maintain employer of choice status, and devloping recruitment strategies for talent attraction and retention.

Program Design

Development of targeted, needs based programs with evidenced based analysis and community engagement to ensure programs are implementable and deliver impact to the community.  


Our Latest Insights from within the Healthcare Industry

Regional Healthcare Providers have been impacted by the short and long-term effects of COVID-19, challenges with talent attraction and retention, increasing operating costs  which is driving change to ensure future community needs and being met.

Case Studies

Strategic Plan and Implementation

Gippsland Southern Health Service


NMC supported the Gippsland Southern Health Service design and implement their five-year strategic plan.

The program utilised NMC’s three phased program methodology over 100 hrs of consultations and meetings, 5 design thinking workshops with staff and board members, consulted with over 20 key external stakeholders and significant community engagement.  As part of the project, NMC undertook one-on-one consultations with all external stakeholders including all CEOs of SGC sub-regional partnership.

This strategy was critical to aligning their capital investment program, meet the changing service needs of the South Gippsland Community and continuing their cultural reform.

Mental Health Services Review & Design

Bass Coast Health


NMC supported South Gippsland Coast Health Sub-Regional Partnerhsip (Gippsland Southern Health Service, Kooweerup Regional Health Service, and South Gippsland Hospital) undertake a review of their current services and infrastructure to ensure they to meet the mental health needs of the South Gippsland Coast community.

Recently, the Victorian Mental Health Royal Commission (MHRC) report released 65 recommendations for the future of mental health services. Highlighted themes predominantly surrounded increased access and overcoming the workforce challenges. NMC supported the sub-regional partnership to develop a plan that will improve mental health capabilities/services into the sub-region and implement the MHRC recommendations.

This resulted in the uplift of the organisations’ workforce strategies, implementable plans (both short-term and long-term) and the improvement of mental health service accessibility for the region.

Strategic Planning

Orbost Regional Health


NMC are in the final stages of supporting Orbost Regional Health with the development of their five year strategic plan.

NMC have undertaken a comprehensive review of the providers performance against their previous strategy and detailed analysis of their external environment.

NMC also undertook a comprehensive stakeholder engagement activity which include a community survey, community consultation, internal stakeholder consultations and  external stakeholder consultations.

The resultant strategy define the organisation’s purpose, goals, objectives and actions.

Clinical Service Planning

Bass Coast Health


NMC is supporting Bass Coast Health with developing a comprehensive clinical services plan to ensure they meet the future needs of the fastest growing regional community.

As part of the development NMC has facilitated an office workshop for the ELT and Service Leads to detail a service roadmap and infrastructure growth required over the next five years. The Plan will be brought to life by means of a co-designed implmentation plan detailing the risks, enablers and meausres of success.

Workforce Redesign and Culture Uplift

West Gippsland Endoscopy & Gippsland Gastro


NMC were engaged by West Gippsland Endoscopy & Gippsland Gastro to undertake a review of their workforce to address significant culture issues and design a workforce strategy to underpin the future needs of the organisation.

Analysis of the organisation identified the deficiency of numerous workforce elements and process that should be present and a clear direction for the workforce.

NMC delivered a detailed workforce strategy and execution plan that covered, organisational design, success criteria, critical process to be mapped/hardened, a new multi site organisational design, identified supporting recommended technology and a retention plan.

Early Child Hood Development

Latrobe Health Assembly

Ninety Mile Consulting (NMC) have recently completed their support of the Early Childhood and Development (ECD) project with the Latrobe Health Assembly (LHA). What started out as a project with the aim of developing prototypes for improving childhood wellbeing, evolved to be a much larger project that dissected Latrobe Valley childhood data, identified challenges and existing services across the region to design a program that would create long term positive impact in the community.

The refocusing of the project expanded the scope to provide the Health Assembly with the ability to develop and achieve short-term (6 months), medium-term (5 years), and long-term (10 years) outcomes.

The outcome was a tailored ECD LHA Five Pillar Framework that mapped goals, health data, identified challenges, exisiting services, and desired outcomes, that impact children across the 0-8 year range within the Latrobe Valley. NMC developed five Logic Maps which were utilised to map all project findings across the different age groups.

Our Professionals

Anmol Atreya

BMSc, BCom
Health Lead and Senior Strategy Consultant

Mark Johnson

SME (Admin & Policy)

Julian Rong

SME (Clinical)

Saul Jayes

BPsych, MPsych
Subject Mater Expert


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