Partnering with organisations to enable achievement of strategic intent and become a trusted advisor.

Ninety Mile Consulting supports CEOs, Boards and Executives to solve their most difficult problems, bringing clarity to their business challenges by designing and implementing innovative solutions.


Be a trusted advisor to achieve long-term sustainability across communities.

Client First

Establish long-lasting relationships with clients by delivering exceptional service.


Act with credibility, professionalism, and integrity.


Be considerate and inclusive while embracing diverse perspectives with curiosity.


Embrace the work, people, and achievements from day one.


Our Values are at the heart of who we are and what we strive for every day at Ninety Mile Consulting

About the Team

Launched in 2020, our consulting services support improvements and deliver impactful solutions to organisations in suburban and regional Victoria. Our team consists of experienced management consultants that draw on deep industry knowledge, expertise and modern consulting methodologies.

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Meet the NMC team

Ford Davis

Founding Director


Anmol Atreya

Senior Strategy Consultant

Sunny Singh

Senior Strategy Consultant

Dariya Otgonbayar

Strategy Consultant

Ford Davis

  • >15+ Years experience
  • sFinancial & Operational Analysis
  • Business Strategy Design
  • Healthcare, Aged Care, Governemnt

Ford is an experienced management consultant and industry leader, that has transitioned from Deloitte Strategy Consulting.  Ford has a passion for strategic design, structured problem solving and identifying the ‘art of the possible’ through evidence based analysis.  Ford partners with his clients to solve their most complex problems and uplift their performance, delivering real organisational value.  Ford has designed and delivered strategic solutions for clients across almost every industry, globally, throughout his career.  During the past five years Ford has focused on supporting organisations in health care, aged care, not-for-profits, and government leveraging his extensive expertise and experience.   

Ford founded Ninety Mile Consulting so his everyday efforts could deliver direct impact to communities, support organisations critical to the health and wellbeing of Victorians and ensure suburban and regional organisations are supported to achieve their full potential.

Anmol Atreya

  • >5+ Years experience
  • sFinancial & Operating Environment Analysis
  • Strategic Design & Implementation
  • Healthcare, Government

Anmol is passionate about helping organisations grow sustainably and strategically, whilst making the positive impact they want. She has experience in helping organisations design and achieve their strategy goals, and leverage the availability of different funding options. Anmol brings creative problem-solving to help solve complex challenges that lie at the intersection of healthcare and strategy.

Sunny Singh

  • >5+ Years experience
  • sFinancial & Business Analysis
  • Strategy & Operations
  • Aged Care, NFP

Sunny has a professional background in Business Administration having completed his MBA from Melbourne Business School (MBS) and B.Eng from The University of Melbourne. Sunny’s experiences highlight his entrepreneurial attitude towards challenges and his expertise in ideating solutions for medium to large size businesses through a Strategy and Operations lens. Sunny has been recognised for his remarkable analytical, structured problem solving, and critical thinking abilities. He brings strong business acumen with exceptional communication in support of his client’s challenges.

Sunny has extensive experience in helping not-for-profit (NFP) organisations specifically with organisational strategic design, organisational optimisation and operational efficiency. Additionally, Sunny specialises in developing go-to-market (GTM) solutions and driving business growth.

Dariya Otgonbayar

  • >2+ Years experience
  • sFinancial & Workforce Analysis
  • Strategic Planning & Optimisation
  • Government, Healthcare

Completion of a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Melbourne. Dariya brings her academic knowledge of economic frameworks and financial proficiency in supporting NMC clients with their strategic plans.

With expertise in the strategy and operations of both large and medium organisations, Dariya is passionate about identifying both organic and inorganic organisational hurdles, devising strategies to overcome those hurdles, and ultimately optimising an organisation’s ability to reach their business goals.

Mark Williams

SME Digital Systems


Chris Renwick

SME Local Government

Saul Jayes

SME Healthcare

Rachel Bloom

SME Organisational Development

Mark Williams

  • >20+ Years experience
  • sDigital Enablement
  • Strategic Digital Design
  • Government & Community Services SME

For over 20 years Mark has worked passionately with business executives to understand and take advantage of the latest technology solutions for best business outcomes.

Mark has a passion for technology and he was in demand as a business and technology consultant and advisor. This is displayed in his established of quality relationships with complex organisations including Apple, VMware, Australia Post, NAB, L’Oreal and T2.

Along this journey Mark has also sat on advisory boards, been a board member and Chair of a Digital Marketing agency and was a Teaching Associate in the Masters of IT program at Monash University.

Providing a focused, knowledgeable and customer-oriented approach Mark consistently ensures that he and his teams surpass customer expectations.

Chris Renwick

  • >6+ Years experience
  • sBusiness Analysis
  • Business Transformation Design
  • Government & Community Services SME

Chris brings deep expertise and experience in the local government sector, leveraging his ‘Big 4’ training, he specialises in Services Reviews Business Improvement and Policy.

Chris is a passionate business transformation consultant who specialises in supporting organisations with people-centric challenges. Having transitioned from Deloitte’s Data and Automation practice, Chris now enjoys supporting public sector and private clients. Chris is known for building effective and meaningful relationships with key stakeholders across organisations.

Saul Jayes

  • >5+ Years experience
  • sHuman Capital
  • Workforce Culture & Design
  • Healthcare SME

Saul is a qualified Psychologists and leader in human capital design utilising evidence-based frameworks from a psychological lens, supporting our clients improve organisational performance, motivation, engagement and culture transformations.

Rachel Bloom

  • >15+ Years experience
  • sOrganisational Development
  • Business Change Management
  • Healthcare, Aged Care, Govenrment

Rachel has broad experience working with Senior Leaders and Executive teams across a range of industries and organisations. She utilises a whole-of-business approach to help, coach and support organisations to ultimately meet their desired outcomes.

Mark Johnson

SME Healthcare & Aged Care


Mark Johnson

  • >25+ Years experience
  • sFinance & Organisational Strategy
  • Policy & Administration
  • Healthcare & Aged Care SME